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Welcome to YKM Holdings International Limited

YKM Holdings International Limited is an investment holding company which was established on 3rd April, 1991. The company devotes its finances to different industrial assets and is involved in activities auxiliary to financial intermediation, except pension funding and insurance.

GEECL or Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited is one of the primary assets of YKM Holdings International Limited. GEECl is a fully integrated CBM (Coal-Bed Methane) production company located in Asansol, West Bengal. At present, the company has 2 CBM blocks Raniganj block at West Bengal and Mannargudi block at Tamil Nadu.

Yogendra Modi, father of Prashant Modi, is on the board of directors of YKM Holdings International Limited. Apart from that, he is also the Chairman of Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited.

Prashant Modi is also on the board of directors of YKM Holdings International Limited and also the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of GEECL.


Prashant Modi

Prasant, Prashant M

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